Natural Preservatives

Natural Mold Inhibitors

Calico Food Ingredients carries natural mold inhibitors manufactured by Biorigin called Biogard NDB Concentrate and Biogard ND. These products are perfect for customers looking for a clean label mold inhibitor to extend shelf life in a variety of products. Originally designed to replace Calcium Propionate in yeast raised bakery products, the Biogard mold inhibitors have also found application in nutritional bars, pet foods, salad dressings, processed cheeses and flavours.

Natural Preservatives -Sauce ApplicationBiogard Mold Inhibitors are manufactured through a proprietary fermentation process in which specifically designed food grade microbes produce organic acids that work to inhibit mold. The microbes are grown on GMO free dextrose and can be labelled as “cultured dextrose” in Canada. Since the product is grown on dextrose it is now available as Kosher Parve.

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